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High-end Development

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Friendswent is an online social network designed to target a travel loving community. It features a matchmaking system that pairs people with the same destination at mind so that they can meet up and travel together. Friendswent's goal is to make travelling more local and social.

The three co-founders of Get-Offers decided that with this network, we try to bring back affiliate marketing to its roots. Where it was all about finding the right banner for the right spot, the right campaign and with a good payout.

Salescall Online Marketing is international service provider, we strive to find the best solution for our clients. Programming outsource services available, we use the latest framework on all our projects. Our codes are all organized and beautiful to look at.

Unique Style

We are very strict when it comes to programming standards and philosophy.

Secure Systems

We make sure your data is safe, we value the integrity of our systems.

Global Reach

We do our best to break the language barrier, we aim for projects globally.

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E-Communication - One platform - One world

Internet advertising is all about reaching the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. To do this, it is imperative to exploit the dynamic nature of the new media to deliver the best possible results. What sets us apart is our ability to work as partners with our clients and understanding their business objectives. This ensures that we engage at a deeper level than the conventional creative or media agencies.

E-Communication.com, a creative digital agency focusing on online campaigns, has become a leading Internet Advertising provider worldwide. We cater to customers from all over the globe and offer different varieties of campaigns. We've had the privilege of serving over 300 clients within a relatively short period of time. We have re-invented the Internet in such a way so you can make full use of its potential to facilitate and augment your business.